Room Additions In St Joseph Mo

At Richardson Construction, we are dedicated in building room or living area additions in St. Joseph MO. If you choose to add a room to your property, we provide you with artistic solutions that meet your requirements. Whether you need an additional room for a newborn, incoming in-laws, or perhaps a larger office, our team gets the job accomplished promptly and within financial plan.

Room Additions

If a person chooses to add a room onto their property in the  St. Joseph MO area, they rely on our creative designers and general constructors. We’ll walk you through every phase of the process, from preliminary planning to clean-up.

Getting the Job Accomplished
We’ve earned a reputation for building gorgeous, well-crafted room or suite additions in  St. Joseph MO. With our group of professionals, we will offer you a wide-range of ways to adding space.



Some alternatives include:

Master bedroom
Children’s games room
In-law apartment
Second story room or living area additions
Media room
Man cave
Basement room
Living room area
Garage apartment

We understand that every single home differs, which is why we preserve communication and coordination with you throughout the whole timeline of the job. Whether you’re adding a room to your property to increase space, increase functionality, or improve the value of your property, we’ll help you achieve that goal from the preliminary layout to the final spot check.

Restroom Improvement – When developing a rest room addition, it is important to review your existing home’s plans to make sure that nothing will disrupt the room addition’s building. We will need to ensure to check items like the area of underground utilities, the drain easements, sore tank and leach field if there is one. Though in some cases it is possible to relocate existing pipes, the location of all these items may influence the entire charges for the addition.

Family Room Addition- Constructing a property extension pertaining to adding a family room is a great way to improve both the value and efficiency of any home, a family room when developed appropriately, can be the focal point of a home, it is a space wherein anything goes allowing versatility as opposed to any other types of house addition. Adding a household room is generally less expensive as compared to other forms of additions as they don’t usually require much effort besides the fundamental foundation, framing, roof and also finishing work.

Master Room Addition – this is one among our preferred kind of addition since it normally entails a large number of different layouts aspects, building a master bedroom suite does incorporate some extra investment, some plumbing might need to be done in order to be able to add fittings like washbasins, shower, bathtub, and toilet. The fittings themselves can also rise the cost of the addition dramatically, particularly if you choose fixtures such as a spa tub or a custom shower. Even so, these fixtures may also improve the value of your property, so in most cases, it is a worthy investment.